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E-commerce empowering community: Indigenous artisans hit the global digital market

Today’s Soapbox opinion was written by Nadine Heir is a writer, creator, and marketer. Contxto – While indigenous traditions are centuries old, there’s nothing outdated about how they reach audiences today. Tourists are primary consumers of indigenous communities’ artwork in Latin America, but to date, the distribution of their products has been largely informal. Mass-produced, […]

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There is one great equalizer for challenger and neo-banks in Mexico

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedd] Today we had our Morning Coffee with Sam Garcia, Senior Associate at Amplo—a venture fund Contxto – It is estimated that 42 million Mexicans are unbanked and that millions more are “underbanked”, meaning that they have a bank but it does not offer mobile services, or are just generally unhappy with their […]

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The Latin American ecosystem wants content startups—here’s why

This week we had our Morning Coffee with Roy Morrison of Meaningful Profits Contxto – Content businesses are an excellent match for the growing digital economy across Latin America. They present an attractive proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs, for tech companies that are looking for partners that help them to scale, as well as for acquisition targets. […]

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What will The Bank of The Future look like?

Today we had our Morning Coffee with Martín Frascaroli, Co-Founder and CEO of Aivo. Contxto – The days when banking services were standardized and restrictive are in the past. Evolving digital technologies, constant changes in the preferences of the consumers, and increased competition. All of that creates new challenges for banks.  We, consumers, are used […]

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The dictatorship of happiness. How Gympass will struggle to keep its feel-good corporate culture

Contxto – There’s a fine balance to being a successful, burgeoning startup. You’ve got to keep costs down and yet appear to effortlessly belong to the winners’ club. And it’s not only the breakneck expansion that some of these competitive scaleups pursue which can break them on the way to success. Appearing to be successful […]

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Big entrepreneurial ideas can come from a simple taxi ride

This week we had our Morning Coffee with Endeavor, an Argentina-born entrepreneurial support network with a strong presence across Latin America. For many, to think that the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos drives a taxi may sound weird. But in the mid-90s, a young american came to Buenos Aires, imagined the unthinkable, and proved to be […]