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Torre on its way to taking on LinkedIn after closing US$5 million seed round

Contxto — The right email arriving at the right time can make even the saddest person grin at their phone. Yesterday night, Torre—a professional network for job finding and recruitment—knocked on my inbox and greeted me with intriguing news. According to their latest Q2 investor report, the company has officially closed (and oversubscribed) its US$5 […]

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Sharp Shark raises seed round with NEM Ventures to fight online piracy

Contxto – We live in an era where it’s commonplace to “copy-paste” anything online without paying or crediting authors. It’s easy enough to do—but comes at a hard price for content creators. But Chilean Sharp Shark is honing in on perpetrators using blockchain tech and fresh funds. Yesterday (21), the startup announced it raised a […]

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Top 5 Venture Capital funds in Argentina

Contxto – If Chile’s venture capital (VC) scene is crowded for such a small country, all while keeping swift and nimble—as we saw in last week’s VC ranking—, then this week’s featured country packs a punch with a just handful of players.  Related articles: Top 7 Venture Capital funds in Chile The financial and economic […]