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Übank is bringing its fintech specialty to the US—savings for non-savers

Contxto – Chilean Übank specializes in something Latin America seriously lacks: savings. But it’s expanding beyond the region and will launch into the United States sometime next year. To that end, it reports it’s already lined up deals with two big-name institutions. Though it didn’t say exactly who these hotshots are…. The startup operates by […]

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Arqlite may soon close its Series A for US$2.5 million

Contxto – The construction industry in the United States is in for some serious disruption. Arqlite, a startup founded by Argentine entrepreneurs, created a special gravel that’s lightweight, a great insulator, and made from recycled plastic.  What’s even better news is it’s almost fully-funded to launch in California. The startup’s CEO, Sebastián Sajoux, recently told […]