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VOIQ lands US$2 million from Silicon Valley investors for voice AI solution

Contxto – Do you ever roll your eyes when you dial a number and a dull, automated voice answers? For many companies, this is an undeniable pain point in their customer service or marketing strategies. Leveraging AI technology, startup VOIQ is developing conversational more human-like voicebots to change that. Realizing the value of this technology, […]

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Legaltech startup, Trato, lands US$350 thousand from Dux Capital

Contxto – Earlier in May, the Mexican legaltech startup, Trato, formalized a seed round of US$350 thousand from Dux Capital. Fun fact, the whole shebang was actually signed and processed through the Trato platform. In Summary Trato is a cloud-based SaaS platform helping small and medium businesses automate meticulous legal processes. Users can create, manage […]

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South Korea acceleration program wants Latin American startups

Contxto – Kimchi and K-pop are great, but even better is South Korea’s potential and leadership in the worldwide tech industry. The Asian nation is now inviting entrepreneurs from Latin America to join its acceleration program, K-Startup Grand Challenge. In Summary We learned many interesting things about this program thanks to a press release the […]

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Polygon Fintech acquires Creze to support more Mexican SMEs

Contxto – DILA Capital and Mountain Nazca announced on May 10 that Polygon Fintech will acquire Creze for an undisclosed amount to better serve SMEs. Creze is a Mexico City-based loan platform using specialized technology to help SMEs grow and improve capital management. In Summary While Creze provides quick and efficient unsecured online loans to […]

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Ualá closes investment from Tencent, China’s tech giant

Contxto – Ualá, the Argentine challenger bank, adds yet another legendary investor to its cap table. Tencent, the Chinese telecom giant, has decided to fund the fintech startup with hopes of attracting more users. In Summary WeChat’s holding company, Tencent, is clearly placing big bets on Latin American banking alternatives. After investing in Nubank a […]

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Levita Magnetics and Praxis Biotech secure US$600 thousand through Founderlist

Contxto – Levita Magnetics and Praxis Biotech are two Chilean health startups with particularly bright futures following an astounding US$600 thousand investment from Founderlist as well as other supporters. In Summary As an online investment startup based in Chile, Founderlist provided the platform for angel investors from over 22 countries to fuel this funding round. […]

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LinkApi from Brazil lands R$5 million during seed round

Contxto – Houston, we have lift-off. Brazilian powerhouse LinkApi recently raised 5 million reals (approximately US$1.33 million) following preliminary investments from Cassis Capital and Wayra Brasil. “They are intelligent people with determination and a good business model,” said Cassis co-founder Jander Martins. He led the effort with 2 million reals (US$530 thousand) based on his […]