Cabify introduces the second edition of Women Tech Dating to empower the role of women in technology

This is your chance to connect with industry leaders, benefit from personalized mentoring sessions, and participate in informative masterclasses.
Cabify Women Tech Dating Cabify Women Tech Dating
Cabify seeks greater participation of women in the tech sector | Photo: Special

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The Spanish multimobility platform Cabify is again in the spotlight with the introduction of the second edition of Women Tech Dating. This global effort emerged in 2022 with a clear mission: to show women the vast opportunities the technological field can offer them professionally. The dates for this event are from October 24th to November 7th, offering a diverse range of activities led by female leaders in the tech sector.

Cabify’s commitment to gender equality is evident. In the first edition of Women Tech Dating, the company allowed women to engage with tech experts, allowing them to discover how a tech firm could boost their careers. With over 130 women participating in its debut, the event has significantly expanded its program this year.

In 2023, the activities go beyond a week of private mentorships with Cabify employees. Participants can look forward to three free online masterclasses addressing cutting-edge topics such as “Product Management” and “Artificial Intelligence.” Additionally, an expert panel will provide insights and perspectives on the evolving role of women in technology.

The collaboration for this edition has expanded, as Cabify has partnered with Female Startup Leaders in Spain and Laboratoria in Latin America. These partnerships are crucial to broadening the reach of Women in Tech Dating.

“This collaboration allows us to elevate the Women Tech Dating initiative as we share the vision of reducing the gender gap in the STEM world,” stated Irene Recio, Global Head of PR at Cabify.

This push for gender equality is not new to Cabify. With ongoing collaboration from the “Women in Technology” working group and Cabify’s Diversity Committee, the firm seeks to promote female representation. Although Cabify’s team boasts an impressive 48% women, drawing in tech teams remains disproportionate at only 22%. This disparity underscores the need for ongoing efforts to enhance diversity.

Cabify has continued. Its adherence in 2020 to the Target Gender Equality program of the United Nations Global Compact showcases its commitment to gender equality. This includes promoting the presence of women in executive and leadership roles, reflected in the company’s Sustainable Business strategy.

On another note, a recent Crunchbase report highlighted a concerning trend of decreased funding for projects led solely by women, dropping from USD $14 million in 2019 to zero in 2020, with only 2.3% of venture capital funding going to women-led startups.

In this context, opportunities at Cabify are on the rise. With numerous open positions in its tech team, the company is seeking innovative talent. These positions, many of which offer remote work flexibility, are an excellent chance to attract diversity, ensuring benefits that foster a balance between work and personal life.

Those interested in diving into the tech world and discovering the opportunities Cabify offers can register on the official Women Tech Dating website.

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