Google invests in the mexican startup Prosit to boost the healthtech sector in LatAm

The Mexican startup Prosit has secured $100,000 in funding from Google to enhance its focus on health technology through Artificial Intelligence.
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The Mexican startup Prosit focused on the healthcare technology arena, has achieved a significant milestone by securing an investment of $100,000 from Google to boost Healthtech innovations in Latin America.

Through the Google for Startups Cloud Program, the tech giant aims to propel Latin startups by providing financial support and granting access to cloud-based tools. The mission is clear: to accelerate the growth and rise of these budding entities.

Based in Mexico, Prosit holds a groundbreaking vision: to transform healthcare using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Language Models (LMM). This vision has been bolstered by the $100,000 provided by Google, in addition to a previous investment of $300,000 from a private benefactor.

This funding will enable Prosit to deploy cutting-edge technologies like Predictive and Generative AI. Imagine the potential of making pathological projections based on a patient’s data, leading to more accurate diagnoses and, consequently, more tailored and appropriate treatments.

A recent Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report suggests that Latin America’s digital health sector might reach up to $20 trillion by 2024. This figure underscores the growing interest and investment in health startups in the region, and Google’s recent backing of Prosit further attests to this. In fact, according to Pitchbook, venture capital investment in the area reached $48 million in 2020.

A Bright Future

Prosit aims to serve as a communication hub between more than 25,000 doctors and patients, fostering more cohesive and efficient medical care. Such an intervention promises to elevate the standard of healthcare in Latin America.

With Google offering additional backing, including credits and technical guidance, the future looks promising for Prosit. Among its forward-thinking ambitions, the company intends to give patients control over their medical records. This initiative could revolutionize the patient care landscape, encouraging individuals to take an active and informed role in their health.

This partnership between Google and Prosit extends beyond mere financial transactions. It might set a precedent, inspiring future collaborations between leading tech companies and budding Healthtech startups. If this mutual support model thrives, the horizon could look promising for adopting advanced health technologies across Latin America.

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