Revolut Users Lose Wedding Funds in Fraudulent Transactions

A couple faces financial loss and unresponsive support after unauthorized withdrawals from their account during a holiday, leaving their wedding savings depleted.
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Becca and Lucas, on holiday shortly before Christmas, discovered that their Revolut account, containing their wedding savings, was almost entirely emptied overnight. They lost $7,648 (€6,989), leaving only €400. The unauthorized transactions, ranging from $50 to $2,000, were made to a Cambodian travel agency.

The couple’s efforts to contact Revolut for support proved futile as they faced automated responses and no direct human interaction. Frustrated, they reached out to Pricewatch. Revolut initially denied their request for a chargeback, citing no evidence of fraud.

The couple believes their details were compromised due to a phishing scam related to a delayed 24-hour delivery, where they provided personal information but not financial details.

Independently, the couple contacted the Cambodian travel agency, which acknowledged the suspicious transactions and promised cooperation. However, the funds were not recovered at the time of reporting.

Meanwhile, Revolut’s response remained unsatisfactory. The company issued a statement emphasizing customer vigilance against scams but offered limited direct support to the affected couple.

Revolut suggested that the couple’s one-time password might have been compromised and referred to their terms and conditions about customer responsibility in safeguarding account details. Despite these challenges, the couple firmly denied any negligent sharing of sensitive information.

Revolut’s final response to the couple was an apology for the lost money and a goodwill payment of €150, which the couple rejected, expressing dissatisfaction with the company’s handling of the situation.

Revolut’s inadequate customer support has previously led to user financial losses. Post-Brexit, numerous users reported being locked out of their accounts with inaccessible funds. The support team, criticized for its inflexibility and limited problem-solving abilities, struggled to address complex issues, resulting in significant financial losses for many loyal customers.

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