Chile’s SoyMomo plans expansion into UK and US in 2020

Chile's Soymomo Plans Expansion Into Uk And Us In 2020 Chile's Soymomo Plans Expansion Into Uk And Us In 2020
chile’s soymomo plans expansion into uk and us in 2020

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Contxto – Gadget developer for kids, Chilean SoyMomo has a lot in the works for 2020 as its Founder and CEO, Aníbal Madrid recently told Contxto. 

For one it’s looking to expand its presence in Europe, specifically to initiate product sales in the UK by September. SoyMomo also plans to launch operations in the United States and begin selling its tech for kids there in October.

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Chile’s SoyMomo embraces tech for kids

At the risk of sounding like an old person, I’m going to come right out and say it: little kids nowadays have an uncanny fondness for their parents’ or guardians’ smartphone.

And let’s be real, that’s not going to change. And why should it? When tech is used wisely it’s a fantastic learning tool that can yield positive results.

So, rather than fight it, Chilean SoyMomo is developing devices with kids’ and parents’ needs in mind.

Since its 2016 founding, the startup has developed two products. The first is a smartwatch with a GPS system. Through it, parents can keep track of their little ones when they’re not nearby. Stranger danger, don’tcha know?

Its second gadget, a tablet specially designed for kids, was released in the last quarter of 2019. And through the SoyMomo app, parents can monitor their child’s use of the tablet and block websites. What’s more, the tablet uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology “to read” the content displayed on the screen and in view of the child.

If it detects that something is off, the content is blocked. That way parents don’t have to be “hovering” over their app or kids to know if something’s amiss. Likewise, the system can pick up on cyberbullying, an increasing concern for the modern-day parent.

Source: SoyMomo’s Youtube Channel

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Upcoming projects

SoyMomo currently has Chilean offices in Santiago for the Latam market. And it already has an international presence as it also has staff in Spain to tender to European consumers. But there’s more on the way.

“At the moment we’re hiring personnel for the UK at the Barcelona office,” explained SoyMomo’s CEO over written correspondence. “That way we can launch the product both on Amazon and through retailers in September.”

The startup plans to open offices in San Francisco this year so as to begin selling its kid-friendly gadgets in the US by next October. Note that this is right before the holiday season begins. Coincidence? 

I think not.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the entrepreneur also added that work is underway to develop a new version of its smartwatch, “SoyMomo 4.0”. Through this revamp, the gadget will have multiple new perks including videoconferencing and a language learning feature.

We’ve often seen some cool gizmos and apps that help adults and businesses in their everyday lives. But it’s fantastic to see Latam is also developing cool gadgets for kids that simultaneously bring a great degree of relief to their parents.

Seriously, why should the grownups have all the tech-related fun?

I loved playing Pokémon on my Gameboy Color as a child (and as a semi-functional adult too). So it’s exciting to imagine 15 years from now, these kiddies in Europe and the US look back to think of Chilean SoyMomo with that same nostalgia.

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