Contxto – I’m not a fan of cliché sayings, but kids do learn more by playing. And that’s precisely the value proposal Uruguayan Parconier brings to the table with their product. This startup designs and sells kits for children to build robots.

It sounds technical, but the startup has watered that dense aspect down using a toy we all know and love: Lego. 

Lego-inspired Parconier Encourages Kids To Learn About Robotics Through Play

The creators used the concept of building with Lego as their inspiration to develop their product.

And as of this year, their kits can be found in multiple parts of Latin America including Colombia, Argentina, and its native Uruguay. Not to mention, international sales of Parconier’s kits have begun in the United States, Spain, Sweden, and Poland.

Building robots for kids using Lego’s logic

Uruguayans Fernando Lema, Pablo Brera, and Gonzalo Gutiérrez founded their startup just last year, according to its LinkedIn page. Since then, they’ve sold 230 kits.

Their products draw inspiration from the versatility and simplicity of playing with Lego blocks.

This is shown in their kits which allow users to create a robot with great flexibility in how they design and develop them. And if they want more blocks, it’s possible through 3D printing.

And depending on the child’s age, as well as their knowledge of robotics and programming, there are varying levels of kits.

However, these “toys” are designed to be used within a classroom where there are instructors with basic knowledge of programming. 

In light of this situation, the trio of entrepreneurs plan to develop tutorials for teachers and parents who want to learn and share that experience with the kids.

It’s neat to note that Parconier appeals to both boys and girls. Or so it appears, given the availability of colors in their robotic creations, ranging from deep blue to pink.

The Uruguayan founders hope that the practical experience helps learners better understand the abstract-sounding science concepts learned in a classroom.

Memories of the past for a brighter future?

As a child, growing up and playing with Lego was my favorite way to spend Saturday mornings. 

And I’m thrilled to imagine that for today’s kids, Parconier’s robots will be a part of their cherished memories. And maybe, they’ll inspire them in choosing a career in a STEM-related field in the future.

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