5 tips from Chad Cardenas, Founder and CEO of The Syndicate Group, to reinvent venture capital

According to the expert, funding for companies in North America alone decreased by 46% in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous year.
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According to Chad Cardenas, Founder & CEO of The Syndicate Group (TSG) and Managing Director of Syndicate Venture Partners, the Silicon Valley ecosystem has long relied on a traditional model of venture capital funding to nurture tech startups, but this has caused the ecosystem to stagnate last year, creating a financial dilemma for many startups. He expressed this in an article published in CEOWorld Magazine.

He explains:

VC investing has dried up due to a combination of nagging inflation, high interest rates, and global instability. The market uncertainty was further compounded in the spring when two leading banks for tech startups, Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, both collapsed. Meanwhile, the IPO window closed, leaving many investors without a viable exit.

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Here are 5 tips from this CEO to turn around Old Ventures and generate value in future startups:

5 Tips

  1. Seek alternative funding options: In times of economic uncertainty, it is important to explore strategic fundraising options outside the traditional venture capital paradigm. Considering the possibility of seeking funding through channel sales partners can provide access to investors who understand specific markets and provide strategic insights into sales and marketing dynamics.
  2. Select the right funding partners: In a volatile economy, it is essential to be selective when choosing funding partners. Start-up founders need partners who truly understand their business and can align the interests of both the investor and the start-up from a sales perspective. Seeking a channel approach involves accessing a sales ecosystem that can accelerate sales during an economic downturn.
  3. Leverage channel relationships: A funding model based on channel partners can help mitigate risks and promote growth for both founders and investors. Channel partners understand how to promote and sell the latest solutions while providing startups with a wide network of qualified customers. This deep channel relationship allows startups to scale quickly in pursuit of larger market opportunities.
  4. Harness the power of channel partners: Integrating channel partners into an investment strategy can help companies expand their market presence, accelerate business growth, and leverage the knowledge and connections of partners for guidance, while driving mutual product and service promotions.
  5. Consider previous success stories: Examining success cases where startups have obtained strategic funding through channel partners can provide valuable insights and lessons. Studying how Grip Security achieved accelerated growth through the strategic investment from The Syndicate Group (TSG) can serve as an example and inspiration for other entrepreneurs seeking alternative funding options.

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