Fintech DiiMO closes a USD $1.2 million investment to drive financial inclusion in Central America

El Salvador’s fintech, DiiMO, is promoting financial inclusion in Central America with a successful Pre-Series A financing round.
DiiMo fintech el salvador DiiMo fintech el salvador
Photo: DiiMo

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In a notable achievement for the growing startup ecosystem in Central America, the fintech DiiMO celebrates the success of its recent Pre-Series A financing round, in which it raised a total of USD $1.2 million, composed of equity and a line of credit. This investment aims to expand DiiMO’s influence in the region and strengthen its commitment to financial inclusion.

The news of this successful funding round marks a significant advancement in the Central American startup landscape, where raising funds of such magnitude is an achievement few companies have attained. Fintech DiiMO has demonstrated its ability to attract investments and its potential to make a difference in the lives of the region’s citizens.

Juan David Hernández, CEO of DiiMO, expressed his satisfaction with this milestone and commented:

“It is an honor to lead the way for future ventures in our region and continue to attract investment that recognizes and strengthens the vast talent and opportunities here.”

What makes this funding round even more significant is the participation of renowned North American funds in DiiMO’s project. Endless Ventures and HAguila Investments joined as new shareholders, marking an important milestone in the fintech’s journey. Endless Ventures, which led this funding round, has shown exceptional confidence in DiiMO’s vision and strategy, firmly aligning with the economic development goals in El Salvador and Central America.

Alex Melgar, Director of Endless Ventures, shared his enthusiasm for the investment and highlighted his pride as a Salvadoran leading an investment fund in the United States. Melgar commented:

“We firmly believe in DiiMO’s potential and the economic future of El Salvador. This investment reflects our confidence in our homeland’s talent and innovative capacity, and we are excited to be part of this important stage of growth and development.”

DiiMO’s vision is clear: use this new capital to positively impact the lives of over 200,000 Salvadorans in the next two years. They focus on facilitating access to micro-loans and providing essential support in the region’s economic challenges of people’s daily lives. Financial inclusion is a crucial pillar of DiiMO’s mission, and this investment will allow them to expand their reach and make a real difference in the lives of thousands of people.

This news represents a significant milestone in DiiMO’s journey toward consolidating its position as a leader in the Central American fintech sector. Furthermore, it highlights the growth and potential of the startup ecosystem in the region, demonstrating that local companies can attract significant international investments and contribute significantly to their countries’ economic and social development.

Fintech DiiMO is in a strong position to achieve its ambitious financial inclusion goals and continue transforming the lives of Salvadorans through innovative and accessible financial solutions in an ecosystem that is gaining increasing strength in the continent. With the support of committed investors and a clear vision, DiiMO is ready to make a lasting difference in the Central American region.

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