Impacta VC launches its second funding program for Latin American startups

The new Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program aims to double the impact of its previous edition and is open to all startups in Latin America starting from August 1st.
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Impacta VC, the Chilean venture capital fund that invests in socially impactful companies, is launching its second funding program for Latin American startups, starting on August 1st. The program has limited spots and a selection process. The goal of the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP) is to double the impact of its previous edition by activating and boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America. 

The program is designed and delivered by successful founders, serial entrepreneurs, and ecosystem leaders. It aims to teach startups from across the region how to navigate the venture capital game and raise capital through tools and knowledge, enabling them to design their own fundraising strategies for pre-seed, seed, or pre-Series A rounds. 

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The IFSP 2023 will be conducted online and span three months, with two sessions per week lasting one and a half hours each. Selected startups will pay a monthly fee of $150. As part of this edition, the #IFSP23 will feature two parallel projects aimed at promoting female inclusion, financial inclusion, and innovation among participating startups. 

The “Protagonismo femenino en #IFSP” initiative will involve influential women in the ecosystem who will support the participation of startups founded by women in the #IFSP2023, fostering greater gender equality within the program. The “Impacta Live Project” will select three startups with a high probability of successfully raising funds through crowdfunding and showcase their live funding rounds.

What impact does it have on Latin American startups?

  • Access to financing: Impacta VC’s funding program provides Latin American startups with the opportunity to access the necessary capital to drive their growth and development.
  • Capacity development: Through the program, startups can acquire key knowledge and tools to raise capital from venture capitals and design effective fundraising strategies.
  • Inclusion opportunities: The program includes initiatives that promote the participation and empowerment of women entrepreneurs, as well as the promotion of financial inclusion and innovation among participating startups.

What does it represent for other venture capitals?

  • Increased competition: The launch of Impacta VC’s funding program creates greater competition among venture capitals by attracting the attention of Latin American startups and offering them financing opportunities.
  • Elevated standards: Impacta VC’s initiative can raise the standards and investment criteria of other venture capitals, as startups may seek investment partners that offer similar support and development programs.
  • Potential collaboration: Impacta VC’s funding program can open the door to collaborations and synergies between venture capitals, aiming to strengthen the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem and maximize investment opportunities.

For detailed information, visit: Impacta VC

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News