Google creates digital education program for Chilean schools

Young people will have greater opportunities to enter the digital job market and face the challenges demanded by the digital industry.
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Through its Data Center Community Grants program, Google, in collaboration with the LACE Foundation, has launched a school program for digital specialization called “Escuela Tech”.  This unprecedented initiative will benefit over 700 students in the Quilicura commune in Chile.

The program aims to develop technological competencies and skills in secondary-level students from municipal educational institutions in Quilicura, with the goal of contributing to their future professional development and enabling them to obtain more competitive salaries.

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Klicher Sanhueza, the CEO of the LACE Foundation, explained:

“This is a tremendous opportunity for these young people to delve into the world of programming and develop new technological skills in an industry that is increasingly demanding digital talents”.

Sanhueza ensures that Escuela Tech will provide young people with greater possibilities to enter the digital job market and tackle the challenges demanded by the digital industry.

During the digital specialization school program, students from Luis Cruz Martínez School and José Miguel Carrera and Alcalde Jorge Indo High Schools will learn using the teaching methodology known as “bootcamp,” developing practical and rapid technological skills and competencies through guided experiences in a collaborative environment.

What does this mean for the future of Latin American tech startups?

  • The “Escuela Tech” program can help strengthen the technological talent in Latin America by providing students with digital skills and competencies from an early stage of their education.
  • With more students acquiring technological skills, Latin American tech startups can have access to a broader pool of qualified talent to hire in the future.
  • The initiative can also foster an entrepreneurial spirit among students by familiarizing them with the world of technology and programming, potentially leading to an increase in the creation of new tech startups in the region.

For detailed information, visit: La Cuarta

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