Revolut’s HR Platform Draws 300+ Companies, Aims to Revolutionize HR Management

Launching its in-house HR tool as a SaaS product, Revolut People, the fintech giant attracts significant interest, offering comprehensive HR management solutions.
Revolut's Hr Platform Draws 300+ Companies, Aims To Revolutionize Hr Management
Revolut People Hr Platform Gains 325 Company Waitlist

Revolut, a leading fintech company, recently ventured into licensing its internal HR platform, Revolut People, marking a strategic shift in diversifying its revenue streams. Since its announcement on December 9, over 325 companies have joined the waitlist for this innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. This platform, a new business line for Revolut, encompasses a suite of tools for managing crucial HR functions like annual leave, payroll, performance evaluations, and a complete recruitment system.

Internally, Revolut People has been pivotal in scaling the company to more than 7,500 employees and efficiently processing 1.4 million job applications annually. Oleksii Mukhin, Revolut’s director and operating partner, highlighted on LinkedIn the platform’s unique ‘secret sauce’, which significantly enhances Revolut’s performance and HR processes. This system encapsulates the company’s fast-paced and achievement-oriented culture, contributing to its impressive growth.

Offered at a starting price of £7.99 per active employee per month, Revolut People is currently on a waitlist basis, with selective early access for some companies. This initiative reflects Revolut’s commitment to innovating beyond traditional fintech services, leveraging its internal success to offer a comprehensive HR management tool in the competitive SaaS market.

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