6 startups in Colombia operating through the Internet of Things

6 startups in colombia operating through the internet of things
6 startups in colombia operating through the internet of things

Contxto – Wherever you look, businesses and consumers need data to make the right decisions and identify weak points. Fortunately, some startups in Colombia are working to make your life easier.

Whether it’s a business looking to lower energy consumption and save money on their electric bill or an athlete that’s monitoring their heart rate for a big race, data equals insights.

However, not everything is equipped and connected to give us the information that’s required. That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in.

This technology allows items and devices to share data and interact with each other and the internet. From smart homes, cars, phones, and fields, data is harvested everywhere. And these Colombian startups are helping companies and people gather that valuable information.

6 Startups in Colombia operating through the Internet of Things

6 startups in colombia operating through the internet of things

Cycle (Bogotá)

Colombian startup Cycle makes energy consumption more efficient through cloud-based energy grids. For example, through this startup’s platform, homes in a single neighborhood with solar panels can more efficiently harness sunlight.

And participating neighbors can keep tabs on everything because the cloud system monitors connected devices, users, and offers downloadable reports. And the size of the project doesn’t matter. Cycle can develop micro-grids for isolated communities as well as large-scale cloud services for businesses.

Apes (Bogotá)

Business-to-business (B2B) Colombian startup Apes uses radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. This technology tracks merchandise from various points whether it’s in a warehouse or displayed in a store. It ultimately helps companies keep track of inventory, understand process flows, as well as detect petty theft. Apes also lends management teams a hand by providing industry-specific indicators.

eGEO (Bogotá)

Since 2013, eGEO has developed technology to integrate IoT systems for measuring energy consumption and making its use more efficient. This is possible through its handy-dandy Egeo Analyzer device which is connected to a monitoring system. From there, users can see the real output of electric energy.

Visualiti (Palmira)

This startup in Colombia specializes in developing IoT-based solutions for the agro-industry. Visualiti’s team can develop wireless sensors that can be used to measure soil humidity, wind speed, etc. Naturally, these sensors are connected to a network that feeds the data to businesses. As a result, they can plan and act according to the sensors’ findings.

Nextonia (Bogotá)

Retailers need to know who their customers are and what they can offer them. So to help them, Nextonia combines artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and of course, the IoT to obtain data regarding a shopper’s behavior, preferences, and overall experience.

ControlT (Medellín)

In logistics, there’s cargo that requires more care. There are goods, such as electronics, that need to be tracked consistently because of their value. Others need more temperature control, as in the case with perishable food or pharmaceuticals.

In these instances, ControlT can greatly help companies oversee the successful transportation and delivery of cargo. Businesses also benefit from instant notifications regarding the cargo’s conditions and the system can detect risks in a timely fashion.

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