LinkedIn’s 2020 top 10 startups to work for in Mexico

LinkedIn saw some startups reappear on its top rankings in Mexico.

Contxto – Tech companies in Latin America compete not only to obtain a larger market share and investments. Attracting and retaining the best talent is also a key ingredient to success.

And this week, LinkedIn published its ranking of top startups that people want to work at in Mexico. 

LinkedIn crunches through a lot of data from its 15 million users in the country to build its ranking. Variables include employee growth, jobseeker interest rates, as well as engagement levels between startups and employees.

Factor in the disruptive circumstances brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic for the job market and operations, and it’s all the more meritorious for the companies that snagged the top spots.

Compared to last year, some companies continued to make the cut (Runa, Kavak, Credijusto, Konfío, and Bitso), while others—like Clip, Kueski, Conekta, Luuna, and Kubo Financiero—dropped off the rankings.

So who is hot among job seekers?

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LinkedIn top startups to work for in Mexico

1. Jüsto

E-grocer Jüsto is freshly funded with its US$12 million bridge round and has been scaling throughout Mexico and the rest of Latin America in recent months. Consequently, the startup wants to open 200 jobs by year’s end mainly in operations, logistics, and tech.

2. Kavak

Plenty of good news for Mexico City-based Kavak. For starters, it’s retaining its second place spot in LinkedIn’s ranking. Moreover, the platform for buying used cars is positioning itself to be a top player in the region through its recent merger with Argentine Checkars. 

3. Credijusto

Kudos to Credijusto. The fintech granting microloans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) climbed from 6th place in 2019 to third in 2020. What with Covid-19 being a killjoy for Mexico’s restaurants, this startup buddied up with UberEats to serve up loans for these businesses.

4. Konfío

Another lending fintech for SMEs to make the cut, Konfío fell from its 2019 first place spot. Regardless, LinkedIn lauded its “Konfío Kare” program for monitoring its employees’ wellbeing and needs for working remotely.

5. moons

YC startup moons knows pandemics won’t stop people from suffering from crooked teeth. So it hopes to bring its transparent teeth aligners to Chile and Peru early next year. Furthermore, it’s reportedly considering launching into the US—which means more job openings may be on the way as well.

6. Bitso

The only startup in the cryptocurrency biz to enter the ranking, Bitso climbed two places this year. Bitso’s HQ may be in Mexico City but it expanded into Argentina this year and is preparing to hit Brazil next. Evidently this means more positions are sure to come.

7. Runa

Runa is holding onto its seventh place spot and it makes perfect sense that a company offering HR solutions would strive to keep its own staff happy. LinkedIn reports that the company intends to grow out its team by 50 percent within the next 12 months. So be sure to follow the startup if you’re interested in working with the Runa team.

8. Urbvan

Private mobility startup Urbvan experienced a rise in deals with businesses looking to transport personnel throughout the pandemic. What’s more, as a result of these agreements, it expanded its routes and overall presence into more parts of Mexico.

9. albo

Fintech albo wasn’t daunted by remote work. On the contrary, it proved to be a hit among staff and the startup has thus become a remote-first company. Meaning, you wanna go to the office? Go to the office, see your friends, mingle. Wanna work from the other side of the planet? Go for it. So long as you get the job done.

10. Nowports

Disruptions within global supply chains have illustrated the usefulness of Nowports’s freight forwarding platform. So it’s not surprising to report that it’s expanding further within Chile where it landed about a year ago. Consistent scrum meetings are the secret sauce to keeping operations running smoothly at this Monterrey-based startup.

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