Mexican president invites Mark Zuckerberg to provide internet across Mexico

mexican president invites mark zuckerberg to provide internet across mexico
mexican president invites mark zuckerberg to provide internet across mexico

Contxto – This Tuesday, the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) held a video call with Facebook’s CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg. In the live video, AMLO invited Zuckerberg to install internet services across the entire Latin American nation.  

In Summary

During the transmission, AMLO proposed to Mark Zuckerberg to partner with his administration to bring internet services to every corner of Mexico. According to the President, he invited the multinational corporation to cooperate with this initiative, especially to benefit of the poor and streamline social services.

“It would help us improve communication, connection, education, and healthcare, but we’re seeking to do this at a low-cost and for non-profit,” said the Executive.


AMLO wants Facebook’s support to alleviate poverty in the nation. Around 20 percent of the most economically-disadvantaged citizens live in 80 percent of Mexico’s total landmass. Most of these rural areas have little to no internet access. At least there is a silver lining, according to the President.

“We already have an electric network that crosses 95 percent of the country with an optical fiber cable that allows us to communicate throughout Mexico,” said AMLO to the entrepreneur.

News about the call broke after the President tweeted about the chat with Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, and Instagram and Whatsapp shareholder.

AMLO also reassured his constituents about his commitment to providing universal internet access in Mexico on his YouTube channel.

Mark Zuckerberg’s video response is not yet available and is still unknown. All the while, AMLO promised that improved internet access is an important goal of his. It is something he emphasized during his presidential campaign.


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