Fast Track News This Monday: Innovation, Business an Alliances in LatAm

Discover the latest business and technology news in Latin America: new leaderships, strategic partnerships, startup investments, and advances in artificial intelligence.

At the start of the week, filled with innovation and strategic changes, several LATAM companies are redefining the business and technological landscape of the region.

FEMSA, the Mexican conglomerate, has announced the appointment of Juan Carlos Guillermety, current VP of Nubank, as the new leader of its digital division, marking a new course in its strategic digital focus. Juan Carlos will succeed José Antonio Fernández Garza-Lagüera, who will now lead FEMSA’s retail division, overseeing key areas like Oxxo and the operations of gas stations and pharmacies in America and Europe.

Meanwhile, Baoba Insurtech and Continental Assist have joined forces to revolutionize the insurance market in Latin America, introducing advanced solutions and exploring opportunities in various sectors, responding to the growing demand for innovative insurance products in the region.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Lemon has integrated OnRamper, allowing users from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Ecuador to purchase crypto in their national currencies. This collaboration benefits over two million users in Latin America and offers advanced conversion solutions between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Colektia, a Venezuelan tech firm specializing in artificial intelligence for collection management, has successfully concluded a financing round, acquiring a portfolio of USD $72 million and plans to acquire more in the coming months.

Mercado Pago and Win Investments are reshaping the world of football player transfers, offering new opportunities for sports promoters in the exclusive world of professional player transfers.

Regarding events, Miami will host the Biohunt Summit 2023 on November 7 and 8, which aims to connect Latin American biotech startups with international experts and investors.

In Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Private Equity Association released the “Ecuador Venture Capital Industry Report 2022,” showing an increase in investments for Ecuadorian startups, with about USD $151 million invested in 2022.

Argentina and Spain, on the other hand, have signed a cooperation agreement to advance knowledge of artificial intelligence and its socio-economic, productive, and cultural repercussions.

The beauty tech market in Brazil is gaining strength, generating USD $2.1 billion in 2020, and the global plant-based protein market projects substantial growth, expected to reach USD $139.4 billion by 2035.

This Monday stands out as a day of innovation and transformation in Latin America, marking the beginning of a week full of possibilities and significant advancements in various sectors, highlighting the region’s crucial role in the global development of advanced technologies and business solutions.

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