Fast Track News this Wednesday: Expansion of Technology, Empowerment of Women and Growth in Cryptocurrencies in Latin America

Technological advances and opportunities for women and cryptocurrencies lead the news in a day full of news in Latin America.

On a Wednesday filled with significant news, the leading companies in the region are presenting innovations and strategies to redefine the technological landscape of Latin America.

Laboratoria has proudly announced its expansion in Latin America, bringing its intensive training programs to five new countries. The organization is fervently dedicated to empowering women in the technological field, and its growth consolidates this commitment across 11 nations in the region.

Continuing with the theme of support for women entrepreneurs, Amazon Mexico is opening the second edition of “Lógralo Online,” an acceleration program that promises to revolutionize the landscape of small businesses led by women in Mexico. The competition is fierce, with ascending prizes reaching thousands of dollars for the best proposals.

In the financial sector, digital currencies are also in the spotlight. Num Finance and TruBit have joined forces to expand access to nARS, a stablecoin pegged to the Argentine Peso. Parallelly, Bitwage is incorporating the TRON network, giving Argentinians and the world more flexible tools to receive salaries in digital dollars.

Vaki, the successful Colombian crowdfunding platform, announces its debut in Mexico, promising to revolutionize how Mexicans support causes and projects with social impact.

Not all the news is positive. SoftBank, a giant in the investment world, has recorded unexpected losses, although signs of recovery are on the horizon. Despite these figures, enthusiasm for investment does not wane, as evidenced by Endeavor Argentina‘s selection of six promising startups for its ScaleUp program.

To close this summary filled with optimism and growth, Mexico shows a strong presence in the global digital domain, with an impressive 117% increase in digital exports to the United States in just one year.

These news stories reaffirm Latin America’s position as a breeding ground for innovation, inclusion, and business growth. The region is ready to embrace the future with enthusiasm and determination.

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