Cornershop forges partnership with Emptor to automate background checks

Cornershop will use Emptor’s services to screen shoppers.
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Contxto – As Chilean-Mexican Cornershop looks to scale throughout Latin America, it needs help carrying out background checks for its shoppers.

To that end, it partnered with Peruvian Emptor to automate the due diligence process.

Through the deal, many manual processes for screening candidates are ditched, according to an announcement made last Wednesday (29). For now, the parties will direct their efforts towards Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

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Cornershop compliance through Emptor

Clearly Cornershop wants to double-down on compliance as it continues to grow and deepen its grip on the grocery delivery market within the region. But it won’t let anything fall between the cracks.

“With the positive shift in trends for on-demand delivery services, Cornershop is committed to creating a platform that allows both our customers and Shoppers to feel safe and secure,” says Midra Arshed, Head of Global Compliance and Safety at Cornershop,

“Cornershop looks forward to building a compliant framework with Emptor to meet the changing needs of this industry,” concluded the executive.

Am I being paranoid?

Perhaps I’m reading too far into it, but there might be more to this alliance than meets the eye.

For starters, Cornershop and Emptor have a very interesting friend in common. 

Emptor has previously worked with ride-hailing giant, Uber. And who can forget Uber has been aiming to acquire the Chilean-Mexican startup since last year? 

The timing is also rather interesting when you think about it. 

We’re all just waiting for a formal announcement from Uber that it’s acquired Cornershop. But as we’ve said before, a lot of signs suggest it’s already happened.  

In any case, Cornershop’s alliance with Emptor would help reassure Uber that everything will run smoothly within Latam once it officially absorbs the startup.

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