Mexican Pet Tech “Tu Mejor Amigo” Acquired by “Cuida Mi Mascota”

The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, is expected to create synergies and cross-selling opportunities between the two companies, enhancing growth and rewarding the support of their community.
Mexican Pet Tech "tu Mejor Amigo" Acquired By "cuida Mi Mascota"
Matt Nelson

In a move aimed at boosting the pet services market, Tu Mejor Amigo (TMA), a Mexican pet tech startup founded early in 2023 by Ignacio Poli, Federico Aracre, and Ignacio Zanotto, announces its acquisition by Cuida Mi Mascota.

Federico Aracre highlighted, as reported by Lucas Saavedra  with the importance of differentiating themselves in the market and maintaining open communication with competitors as key factors in achieving this successful exit. The collaboration with Cuida Mi Mascota was driven by mutual respect and the potential for cross-selling, with talks intensifying in December before finalizing the deal in late January.

Following the acquisition, Ignacio Zanotto, CTO of Tu Mejor Amigo, will join Cuida Mi Mascota as the Chief Product Officer (CPO), leading product, integration, and operations. Meanwhile, Ignacio Poli and Federico Aracre are exploring their next steps, with no definite plans announced yet. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the pet services industry, promising enhanced offerings for pet owners.

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