Samuel García, Nuevo León’s Governor Invites Tesla to Initiate Factory Construction

During a recent event, Garcia hinted at a possible March announcement for the groundbreaking, indicating Tesla’s positive response to his request.
Samuel García, Nuevo León's Governor Invites Tesla To Initiate Factory Construction
Samuel Garcia Nuevo Leon Governor Invites Tesla To Initiate Factory Construction

The factory, aimed at producing a more affordable electric vehicle, benefits from $153 million in local incentives, with Tesla’s Elon Musk highlighting the need for regional improvements in infrastructure before starting construction.

Despite initial plans, high interest rates have delayed Tesla’s “full tilt” construction, with Musk announcing Texas as the initial production site for the new entry-level vehicle.

We will see each other from this Sunday to the next in Terralta because we are starting the construction of Tesla. Tesla starts on Sunday and a lot of investment, a lot of development, a lot of spillover will come,” said the governor, according to El Financiero .

The announcement comes nearly a year after Tesla confirmed the gigafactory’s location in Santa Catarina, near Monterrey, leveraging strategic connectivity to other northeastern Mexican cities and the U.S. border.

Speculation of cancellation arose due to slow progress, but recent statements from Garcia indicate without any oficial confirmation that construction might begin on March 3, following improvements requested by Tesla to local infrastructure.

Tesla’s construction in Nuevo Leon is expected to bring significant investment and development to the region, with local officials and Tesla representatives possibly attending the upcoming event to officially start the gigafactory’s construction.

The project represents a significant step for Tesla in expanding its manufacturing footprint and for Nuevo Leon in attracting high-tech investment.

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