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‘Blitzscaling,’ recommended by Tadashi Takaoka

  BLITZSCALINGThe Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable CompaniesReid Hoffman, Chris Yeh2018 Blitzscaling talks about the strategies that allow you to scale a business at high speed. Interestingly, the author, Reid Hofmann (the founder of LinkedIn), argues that these strategies allow you to grow even faster than startups.  To internalize this view, you must understand […]

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Review: mLabs, the Brazilian platform simplifying social media management

Contxto – Nowadays, social media is an essential part of most business structures, regardless if you’re a corporation or startup. With more than 94 thousand users, mLabs from Brazil has developed the perfect platform for community managers and digital marketing agencies. What is mLabs all about? Through mLabs, users can schedule posts, control their creative […]