Segundamano Review: As easy to use as they say?

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say? Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?
segundamano review: as easy to use as they say?

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ContxtoSegundamano is a Mexican online platform for selling and buying new or second-hand products through classified ads. It is also available as an app for both Android and iOS users. It aims to make it easier for both buyer and seller to communicate and do a successful exchange of goods. 

Segundamano even offers the Express option, which allows the seller’s product to be collected from the comfort of their home. as well as being received by the buyer wherever they choose. 

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

First impression

This might not be the nicest comment, but I found my way around Segundamano a lot easier than Mercado Libre (sorry). I guess the small, limited, and to-the-point icons and options at first sight work for me. But, not everything ran as smoothly as that. 

This is not the first time I’ve used Segundamano, but it sure has been a while. So, when I re-entered the webpage, the onboarding process was new to me again. It wasn’t that complicated, or so I thought. I did forget about the steps to follow to get an ad to be published, a product to be sold or how to even get my money. 

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

So, I downloaded the app, and it was unexpectedly easier to use than the desktop interface.

The app is divided into simpler and more direct categories. So, there was literally a space for me to enter my credit account, where my money would be deposited if any sell was carried out. Something that wasn’t very clear or explicit in the website. 

Also, the app actually notifies me when it sends me a new message, unlike the website. It was not until I re-entered the website and saw the unread message icon that I knew I had one. There was no email to let me know beforehand. 

Actually, the way Segundamano’s website offers you to get faster notifications is only by downloading their app, so I did. 

Speaking of messages, the website takes a while to load my older conversations, sometimes even showing an icon that says there’s no conversation at all. Maybe a bug? The app shows me all my previous conversations in a second. 

So, how does it work?

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

It’s somewhat simple. As you can see in the image above, there are many product categories, to help you be more specific on your search. You can find a bit of everything in there, and I mean EVERYTHING. People can get pretty weird when selling things sometimes. 

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

You start out by creating a profile account where you add the information you consider pertinent and safe for buyers to contact you. 

For example, Segundamano asks you to add a phone number so you can have permission to publish ads. But, it can be hidden from viewers once the ad is published and given only if the users ask for it directly.

When publishing an ad, there’s a big red button at the right corner top of the website that says: Publish ad! You then add pictures, a brief description, your location, and obviously a price. 

Meanwhile, in the app, there’s a small icon with a plus sign, not as flashy. However, your ad will not be published right away, it must be approved first. 

Once your ad process is complete, Segundamano offers an option to buy ads that’ll last longer (normal ads expire in 30 days) and that’ll come up on the first page, reaching more people. Being on the first page is pretty important since it’s easy to lose sight of your ad among the gazillions of others published every day. 

And then, voilá! Your ad is on the internet. And you’ll lose sight of it pretty quickly. Luckily, the app tells you exactly how many people it has reached, how many have messaged you or seen your phone number. The app makes it clearer with percentages that compare the ad’s visibility each week. 

Actually selling something

Now, you must be thinking, how do I actually sell something? It seems simple, but the logistics are not fantastic. So, I made an ad for an old camera I was trying to sell last time I used this platform. I actually didn’t expect anyone to see it or even be interested in buying it. But, to my surprise, two men messaged me about it.

At the time, I couldn’t quite remember what the delivery options were. I thought it was the common journey of going to a parcel store, but no!

Remember I mentioned you had to add your location? Apparently the process is done by establishing a time and place to meet your buyer, who is supposed to be near your location. A bit sketchy, if you ask me. Never been a fan of meeting online strangers face to face.

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

Both men who messaged me wanted to meet personally for the delivery. Not in the middle of a pandemic, thank you. So, when I mentioned I’d rather use the Express option, they stopped replying. 

Apparently, Segundamano’s Express option is not very clear to other customers. 

Check out some of the details surrounding this option: 

When the buyer decides where they’d like to pick up the product once they’ve contacted you, you just need to confirm it has been delivered to the staff and it’s ready to be sold. You need to confirm this during the first 48 hours of the transaction’s beginning. 

Whether you’re the seller or the buyer, if the product isn’t what you expected, the Express option allows you to return the product and your funds. Sounds like a pretty good deal compared to exposing yourself to all sorts of unpleasant surprises.

The Express option is especially good since Segundamano is offering free deliveries during the pandemic, when they’d normally charge 6 percent of the product’s worth. 

Segundamano Review: As Easy To Use As They Say?

Pros and Cons 

But, what if you live far away from your preferred buyer or seller?

I couldn’t find information about what to do if someone from a different state wanted to buy my camera. I sent an email to the staff, but got no response.

I think it is both a disadvantage and an advantage for only local users to buy near them. Shipping costs become a lot lower, but maybe that’ll mean you won’t exactly get what you want if someone near you doesn’t have it. 

Now, when meeting physically, security guidelines aren’t very specific about what to do if, for some reason, the situation becomes dangerous or complicated. No emergency numbers are given nor any tips—beyond not accepting cheques because they could be easily falsified.

Of course, these tips aren’t taken into consideration when you have a mindset of trusting anyone. But when it comes to money, you can’t always trust everyone. Also, imagine yourself carrying around a huge boombox for sale, kind of uncomfortable, isn’t it?

One thing I did notice is that nobody had been rude to me, unlike other websites. Conversations were pretty transparent and no nicknames were used. Maybe I got lucky and stumbled upon people who only wanted to do business. But I’d also reckon that the use of only real names helped. You know, with “cancel culture” being all the rage and all.

Also, as I mentioned before, the idea of consuming locally is pretty cool, so you don’t travel that far away. 

Segundamano Review: Do I recommend it?

Yes and no.

The pandemic won’t last forever, but the uncertain delivery methods will. It is both sad and somewhat empowering for Mexico, which is locally used and consumed only. But, none of my transactions were completed, so I wouldn’t know how it turns out. Hopefully good, though. 

And don’t get me wrong, I love my country and the people in it, it’s just important to stay safe anywhere. I don’t mean to scare you if you’ll use Segundamano, but do be careful. Both the app and website could have some improvements, but I could say they complement each other. 

However, that doesn’t quite cut it for me if we’re still talking about possible valuable transactions that will be done in the middle of the street. 

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