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How Plenna Is Making Its Way Into the Femtech Industry, a Nascent Market in Latin America

When discussing sexual health or visits to the gynecologist, there are many prejudices, taboos, and fears. This raises Giovanna Abramo, co-founder of Plenna, a Mexican startup completely oriented to women’s health that attends online and face-to-face. She also says that in her country, as in the rest of the region, many areas of women’s health […]

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Gastón Irigoyen, CEO of Pomelo: “All the Fintechs We Use Are Built on Obsolete Infrastructure”

This Argentine company is one of the most booming startups in LatAm. A specialist in financial infrastructure, it seeks to revolutionize how fintechs operate in the region. In this interview, its CEO talked about raising capital in a challenging year, managing their explosive growth, and why infrastructure is “incredibly necessary for the end user to […]

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Camila Russo and the Crypto Crisis: “Those Who Suffer the Most Are the Ones Who Are Looking to Make Quick Profits.” 

“It doesn’t scare nor surprise us,” says Camila Russo regarding the shakeup that the crypto world has had during the last few weeks. And by “us” she refers to those who, like herself, have been immersed in this world for several years.  It is a topic that Russo, a Chilean journalist based in New York, […]

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Three Ways to Approach Offline Marketing

Being digital natives, the organic thing for startups is to go for digital marketing. However, offline marketing, while challenging, can be just as or even more powerful in growing a company. Three startups from the region —from Mexico, Colombia and Chile— tell us about their experiences and some outstanding campaigns. Kavak: Go Big Without Thinking […]

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Q&A | “We Want to Make the Whole Program More Inclusive”: Google for Startups Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerator is a program that was born in the Google Developers team and that Alphabet has implemented in more than 40 countries. Its goal? To boost the growth of startups that are emerging in the ecosystem. To achieve this, the program brings entrepreneurs and startups closer to experts in different areas of […]

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Q&A: “If We Had Not Been Born in the Pandemic, Our Growth Would Have Been Very Slow” – Juan Sebastián Jaramillo, Pari

Thinking about how many hard seltzers and mixed drinks started to pop up in 2020, it is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic was also a great trigger for alcoholic beverage sales. Diageo, the giant that owns brands like Smirnoff, Don Julio, and Johnnie Walker, reported a 20% net growth in global sales in 2021. Lockdown […]

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Social distancing tech from El Salvador’s that you didn’t know you needed

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – Rapid response is what the 2020 game is all about. If you’re unable to adjust your business model and operations to new market dynamics, you’re gone.  Before this whole pandemic thing unrolled over Latin America, I interviewed Julio Ábrego—co-Founder of Salvadoran startup—. Time flew, and so, I had to […]