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Ayenda raises US$1.2 million to modernize hotels, SoftBank joins round

Contxto – Colombia’s premier digital hotel chain, Ayenda, recently raised US$1.2 million in a seed round led by SoftBank beside 500 Startups and Kairos. This is the Japanese conglomerate’s first investment in Colombia through its Latin American Innovation Fund worth US$5 billion. Earlier this week, I held an exclusive interview for Contxto with CEO Andrés […]

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Meet Jalisco’s pioneer venture capitalist – Redwood Ventures’ Ian Paul Otero

Contxto – A few weeks ago, I spoke with my former colleague at Redwood Ventures, Ian Paul Otero. We spoke about Redwood’s history, best fundraising practices and what mistakes to avoid as an aspiring founder. Our conversation reinforced the potential of venture capital in Mexico. Continue reading to learn more! I: Let me begin by […]

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Big funds for Brazilian renewable energy maverick Delfos

Contxto – Brazilian tech firm Delfos recently raised over 1.5 million reais (around US$400 thousand) following first-round investments from EDP Ventures; Bossa Nova and BMG Uptech. With Portuguese accelerator EDP leading efforts, Delfos will continue perfecting its software to monitor, analyze and predict renewable energy assets. “The current investment round is to finalize certain features […]

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How do VCs value a startup?

We spoke to Patrick Harmon about how VCs go about valuing a startup Contxto – “Always be aware of what’s going on in your industry”, said Patrick Harmon—an investment professional at Dalus Capital—when asked how founders should value their startup. For how Dalus Capital approaches this subject and what the current state of the Mexican ecosystem is […]