American Robotics, based in Entre Ríos will Open First Unmanned Vehicle Factory

Its transition to Antarctic missions began with a request from the Joint Antarctic Command to adapt a vehicle for the continent’s harsh conditions, leading to the creation of the Skua, a versatile Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) capable of tasks from penguin population censuses to crevasse detection.
American Robotics, Based In Entre Ríos Will Open First Unmanned Vehicle Factory
American Robotics Based In Entre Rios Will Open First Unmanned Vehicle Factory

Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Sebastián Mirich, the company initially focused on autonomous security vehicles for gated communities and industrial parks.

The Skua, named after an Antarctic bird, and its larger successor, the Skúa II, represent American Robotics’ venture into AI-powered, autonomous technology for scientific support. With a workforce of 25, including scientists and engineers, the company has fostered collaborations with national research institutions and universities, focusing on mechatronics, electromechanics, and bioengineering.

Aiming to produce 26 vehicles for Antarctic bases and international clients, each custom-made unit is priced at approximately $125,000.

With export ambitions, American Robotics has attracted interest from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. An investment of about $3 million has been allocated for a new manufacturing plant in Gualeguaychú, slated for an April inauguration, amidst a strategy to leverage Argentina’s natural and human resources for AI technology development, aspiring to global impact.

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