Argentine proptech Alquilando raises US$1.1 million Pre-Series A

argentine proptech alquilando raises us$1.1 million pre-series a
argentine proptech alquilando raises us$1.1 million pre-series a

Contxto – Rosental Inversores, NXTP Labs and ArFintech recently invested US$1.1 million into the Argentine proptech, Alquilando. The startup’s online platform offers customers a reliable marketplace for long-term rentals. Clients use the services to ensure on-time payments and minimum risk transactions.

In Summary

According to its website, Alquilando is the “most innovative startup in Argentina” based on how it combines insurtech and fintech with its solution. It works closely with landlords as well as tenants to provide the most optimized services.

Simplifying the rental process with customizable features, it recently raised US$1.1 million during a Pre-Series A round. However, the investment wasn’t the first milestone for the company.

In 2017, Aquilando won the Argentine edition of the Seedstars World competition, going on to represent the country at Seedstars Summit in Switzerland where it competed for US$1 million. Additionally, it was recognized as one of Argentina’s Forbes 30 Most Promising Startups this month. 


The business idea for the platform came from a place of desperation. That’s to say, the concept popped into the founders’ minds based on the hardships of apartment or house hunting in Buenos Aires.

Carlos Ariel Missirian, Javie La Banca, Mauro Ayala and Vicotria Simon launched Alquilando in January 2016. The successful platform rapidly gained the approval of investors and the Argentine population.

To make life easier for everyone, Alquilando connects real estate agents, landlords and tenants with banks, insurance companies, and brokers. Over the platform, you can make payment installment, rent advances, and even automate rent payments, all at your fingertips.

“We’ve developed solutions that both owners and tenants were needing,” said the Alquilando team in an interview for Buenos Negocios. “With a more guaranteed system, it replaces the traditional proprietary guarantee with much more accessible and secure insurance for both parties.”

Proptech is certainly enhancing the real estate industry in terms of reliability and transparency, especially when combined with fintech and insurtech. By simplifying all of those tedious and bureaucratic processes, the lives of every party become much more efficient. 


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