Atlas Quantum from Brazil expands crypto platform to Argentina

atlas quantum from brazil expands crypto platform to argentina
atlas quantum from brazil expands crypto platform to argentina

Contxto – Global crypto investment platform Atlas Quantum from Brazil recently announced its expansion to neighboring Argentina. The company with clients in more than 30 countries also named Laurato Rodríguez Barreiro as Argentina’s new country manager. 

In Summary

With Rodríguez Barreiro in charge, he will be responsible for leading Atlas Quantum’s growth strategy throughout the country. Generally speaking, Atlas Quantum chose to enter Argentina based on its current financial and economic situations. In other words, the country is ripe for disruption. 

“Argentina has big potential,” said Rodríguez Barreiro, referring to cryptocurrencies as a solution. “High inflation and depreciation of the peso make it increasingly likely that consumers will resort to these types of assets. Each day I am more convinced that Blockchain and Bitcoin are not only going to be part of the future but they will be protagonists.”

Like all new technology, we are still in the adoption stage. As of today, less than 1 percent of the global population have fulfilled transactions with these type of assets.

– Laurato Rodríguez Barreiro


Based in São Paulo, Atlas Quantum is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America in both size and revenue. Founded in 2015, today it has around 250 employees at its headquarters. Its mission is to create wealth via cryptocurrencies by making investments accessible to anyone from anywhere.

Over time, the company has started to move quickly, making the market more sophisticated for investors based on its algorithms. According to reports, Argentina is Atlas Quantum’s largest market and crucial in terms of the startup’s regional expansion. 

“Argentina is a market of critical importance for us and we are very happy to have Lautaro on the team,” said the CEO of Atlas Quantum, Rodrigo Marques. “His deep experience in startups, together with his knowledge in cryptocurrencies and its participation in the local community, will be essential for our growth.” 

Prior to joining Atlas Quantum, Rodríguez Barreiro founded and led various companies focusing on mobile technology as well as marketing. His most recent job was as the Director of Consulting for Avatar World Group. Blockchain technology became an interest of his in 2016 after he realized its disruptive potential. 


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