– Clara, a leading payment solution provider in Latin America, announces a new office in Buenos Aires, marking its first in a non-operational country.

  • New hires include Matías Alberti as Chief of Staff and María Piczman as Head of Talent Attraction and Culture.
  • Argentina, known for its highly skilled workforce, is strategic for hiring in software engineering, marketing, and operations.

    Buenos Aires, May 8, 2024 – Clara, the Latin American leader in comprehensive payment solutions for businesses, inaugurates its first Argentine office in Buenos Aires. This expansion is part of Clara’s strategy to attract and retain top talent in Argentina. Over 5% of Clara’s workforce is already based in the country, underscoring its commitment to the Argentine market.

    The opening of this office is timely, as Argentina boasts a highly educated population with 80% holding advanced degrees as of 2022, according to the World Bank. Clara aims to tap into this talent pool, particularly for roles in software engineering, marketing, and operations. The company views Argentina as a critical hub due to its skilled labor force and the opportunity for accelerated company growth in an early-stage startup environment.

    The office, operational from May 2024, is designed to be a dynamic space for team interactions and to immerse employees deeply into Clara’s culture, which values continuous change and inclusion. CEO Gerry Giacomán Colyer highlighted the positive impact of Argentine talents at Clara, noting their results-driven approach and adaptability.

    With Clara’s existing operations in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, the Buenos Aires office is a strategic addition to its Latin American network, supporting over 10,000 companies including major corporations like Mapfre and Burger King.