DrGea: medicinal cannabis platform expands to Argentina

The startup DrGea, focused on natural treatments and medicinal cannabis, expands in Latin America, reaching Argentina.
DrGea cannabis medicinal Argenitna
DrGea arrives to Argentina | Picture: Special

Latin America is witnessing a revolution in the market for natural treatments and medicinal cannabis products. Amid this growth and acceptance, DrGea, a rising startup, is pivotal in advancing this movement. Having successfully established itself in Colombia, the company recently announced its expansion to Argentina, one of the most promising markets in this industry.

DrGea’s strategic decision to start its operations in Colombia was based on the country’s progressive regulations and the presence of reliable local partners. Now, with an eye on Argentina, the company aims to capitalize on the 2017 legalization of medicinal cannabis, which has led to significant growth in demand for these products.

According to a survey conducted and published by Statista31% of Argentines would be willing to consume medicinal cannabis to treat conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, or inflammation. This makes it the region’s country with the highest acceptance for this niche.

What Does DrGea Do?

While there’s a growing interest in treatments that address everything from sleep disorders to more severe conditions like chronic pain, many patients still struggle to access quality products. This is where DrGea steps in. The company positions itself as a solution that facilitates the availability of cannabis-based oils, specific preparations, and pharmaceutical creams. They propose to ensure patients access natural treatments and that they are of the highest quality.

Gonzalo Carrasco, the leader behind DrGea, underscores the company’s mission to provide a comprehensive experience for those seeking natural alternatives for their health concerns. DrGea’s genesis comes from a team that, drawing from personal experiences, understood the challenges many face in seeking effective treatments. This unique insight and professional approach have been pivotal for the company’s growth and vision.

Although DrGea already has a strong presence in Colombia, Peru, and Argentina, its ambitions continue beyond there. The company plans to venture into other key Latin markets like Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. To support this expansion, they actively seek “smart-money” investors who share their vision and wish to contribute to the company’s growth, which currently boasts an impressive valuation of US$ 3 million.

The Argentine market, in particular, holds great appeal for DrGea. As public perception of medicinal cannabis shifts and stigma reduces, Argentina positions itself as an industry leader. The rising demand, driven by increased awareness and access to information, presents a golden opportunity for the company.

Moreover, DrGea’s role in the region is more than just commercial. They are emerging as advocates for wellness and health, championing the adoption of high-quality personalized treatments and ensuring access to therapies that genuinely make a difference in people’s lives.

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