Kids Corp nabs US$2 million to childproof the internet

kids corp nabs us$2 million to childproof the internet
kids corp nabs us$2 million to childproof the internet

Contxto – A British digital media company, SuperAwesome, just bought a US$2 million stake from Latin America’s lone kidtech platform, Kids Corp. Both companies strive to make the internet a safer place for children with B2B services.

In Summary

Following the financial investment from SuperAwesome, Kids Corp intends to introduce more kidtech solutions throughout Latin America. Now, the Argentine firm that originated in March 2015 wants to launch in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Central America.

“Our mission is to make the internet safe for kids globally,” said Max Bleyleben, Managing Director of SuperAwesome. “We are delighted to have found the perfect partner to expand into Latin America. With the Kids Corp team, we’ll be able to bring our kid-safe technologies to brands, agencies and content creators across the region, making SuperAwesome’s footprint truly global.”


In case you haven’t realized, SuperAwesome and Kids Corp have a lot in common. Specifically, both companies assist partners in “childproofing” the world wide web.

First off, U.K.-based SuperAwesome implements security measures for adolescent consumers. Partners use the firm’s B2B services to ensure age-appropriate privacy features or advertising in their online engagement or marketing campaigns.

Yet to go public but growing 70 percent annually, SuperAwesome also attends to legal compliance issues for clients.

For example, the United States requires many businesses (both domestic and foreign) to conform to the new Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Meanwhile, in the European Union, there is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-K).

Also part of the growing kid-friendly media industry is Kids Corps based out of Buenos Aires. Today, it also provides digital solutions to companies creating youth-centric media. With additional offices in Mexico and Colombia, KidsCorps offers B2B services to over 200 ventures engaging with over 150 million children a month.

“From the first conversation we had with Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, we understood that both companies shared the same values and passion,” said Demian Falestchi, Kids Corp CEO. “This reinforced our desire to start working together.”

Past clients include Burger King, Nestle, Coca Cola, plus other big names. According to KidsCorps’ website, it has reached over 53 million kids and teenagers in 35 countries since its founding.


For better or worse, children are consuming technology at historically young ages. Every day I see youngsters begging parents to use their iPhones or iPads, whether to watch the latest viral video or play Minecraft. Like us, they know what they want.

Regardless of whether you support this or not, kids crave technology just as much as your average adult. This is why it’s crucial to establish safety mechanisms for the youngest tech consumers, especially to protect their identities from third parties or social media websites. I’m looking at you Facebook.

One way or another, Latin American startups catering to kids in the U.S. or Europe will need to adhere to some pretty strict rules. This is where KidsCorps and Super Awesome can help entrepreneurs specializing in youth media.

The industry grows 25 percent a year, making it one of the fastest-growing media sectors in the world. Maybe this will serve as an incentive for companies to comply with the often complex world of information technology law.


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