The world is pivoting —you guessed it, toward the Generative AI, now the one hit wonder on digital practices. MarTech is probably one of the biggest market to explore. The big tech honchos, the likes of Google and Microsoft, are obsessively joining the rat race, injecting their products with AI’s power to edit and conjure up text —the most demanded service.

Let’s talk about some fresh faces in the game. Jasper and, for instance, are rising stars to watch for now. They’re out there doing some noteworthy stuff, simplifying the gnarly task of creating ad content with efficient tools. In this arena, everything is about the UX and the UI —for now.

Here’s where things get juicy. In October 2022, Jasper pulled a pretty impressive stunt. They raked in a sweet $125 million Series A round, kudos to Insight Partners. Not only did that hefty sum bump Jasper’s valuation to a staggering $1.5 billion, but it also managed to draw the interest of other big-time players. I’m talking about the likes of HubSpot Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Coatue, and IVP.

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Meanwhile, Grammarly, the renowned spelling checker valued at $13 billion in 2021, has launched its own solution based on generative AI.

La lucha por dominar el mercado de la redacción publicitaria a través de la inteligencia artificial sigue avanzando a pasos agigantados. Compañías Jasper y Copy ai, se encuentran a la vanguardia.
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Is it worth investing in Generative Artificial Intelligence startups?

  • As an investor, consider whether generative AI startups are well-positioned for any potential concentration of the AI market driven by Big Tech.
  • If you’re a shareholder, it’s safer to invest in tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, or Microsoft.
  • One of the main advantages of investing in artificial intelligence is the low initial investment required or the ability to speculate both upwards and downwards.
  • Does your portfolio using the benefits on AI to improve their efficiency?

How does Generative Artificial Intelligence benefit startups?

  • Improves productivity. It helps team members fulfill their tasks more efficiently.
  • Reduces waiting times. AI functions can be performed within a short period, allowing you to complete certain tasks faster and optimize processes.
  • Enhances personalization. AI can be used to tailor communications, enabling you to produce personalized marketing and sales materials, among other forms of engagement.

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