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How Startups Can Excel at Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Flexible hours, bonuses, discounts on products, cars, premium health coverage, or even covered fertility treatments. The benefits package offered by large technology companies to attract and retain talent is increasingly robust and diverse. And, of course, salaries accompany the offer. Access to digital talent has become one of the major issues of concern for companies […]

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Luciana Reznik (Cedalio) On Why You Don’t Need To Understand the Blockchain to Benefit From It

Luciana Reznik spent more than 10 years building a company. She managed to sell it successfully, and when everything indicated that she could unwind, she decided to take the risk again by creating another one. Her explanation? Nothing fills her with purpose like entrepreneurship.  Reznik was co-founder and CEO of Wolox, a digital solutions company, […]

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Bootstrapping, the Approach Adopted by Many Startups That Is Vindicated During Financial Crises

Vanessa Taiah is not a typical entrepreneur. Before founding the edtech MindHub, she spent 20 years working at Accenture. Her partners, Patricia Martucci and Alejandra Ripa, also worked at the multinational, and that marked her way of doing business. That is why, when it came to creating their own startup, they decided to follow their […]

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Gastón Irigoyen, CEO of Pomelo: “All the Fintechs We Use Are Built on Obsolete Infrastructure”

This Argentine company is one of the most booming startups in LatAm. A specialist in financial infrastructure, it seeks to revolutionize how fintechs operate in the region. In this interview, its CEO talked about raising capital in a challenging year, managing their explosive growth, and why infrastructure is “incredibly necessary for the end user to […]