Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

9 startups conquering the São Paulo Cybersecurity Market

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto  – Given its nature, the internet can generate confidence among ill-informed users. However, we are never really sure of what is happening behind the scenes and to whom your personal data is being exposed.

Cybercrime rates in Brazil have increased dramatically in recent years.  In the process, both local businesses and individuals operating in the country are affected.

Aware of these ongoing online security problems, the following market map features startups focusing on cybersecurity. All of them are based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Clean Cloud

What this startup does on a daily basis involves analyzing customers’ cloud accounts. After the review, the company provides personalized recommendations for improved security, performance and consequently, in an organic manner, reduced costs of up to 40 percent.


To beat your enemy, you have to think like him. Officials at PhishX do something very similar by simulating cyber threats in order to train people. During this process, they measure and analyze the results to reduce cybersecurity risks for companies.


Focusing on prevention, Ibliss has a clear process to improve the protection of digital information. The young firm optimizes and reduces security risks in five steps: identify, define, protect, respond and improve.

Site Blindado

With more than 5,000 sites using its service, Site Blindado provides Website Shielding, SSL Certificates, suspicious traffic filters and manual tests to detect flaws for your website.


This digital platform allows you to save security camera videos on the cloud. It also has an intelligent system that detects movement. It helps users manage their footage and have more control over their business’ security videos.


Safeway moniters, manages and diagnoses security issues for clients. The startup functions both as a consulting service and software company.


LocaWeb works with companies, governments and non-governmental organizations to implement and develop information security programs. Every type of client receives the appropriate plan to fulfill their needs.


TrustSign prevents, corrects and manages risks in corporate environments. Their security process covers PCI compliance, WAF-Web Application Firewall and SSL Certificates.

Direct Digital

Through Big Data, Direct Digital allows you to review (both online and offline) databases of third parties in question to reduce the risks and costs of the company.

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In the digital era, it is important to understand the value of the information available on the web. Whether as a consumer or as a business, the sensitivity with which data should be treated is never too great.

In this market map, we can appreciate the work São Paulo groups are doing to reduce the rate of digital crime. What’s more, Brazilian startups seem committed to lowering the nation’s ranking on the list of top countries for threat detection.


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