Adianta lands US$2.18 million round led by DGF Investimentos

Adianta Lands Us$2.18 Million Round Led By Dgf Investimentos
adianta lands us$2.18 million round led by dgf investimentos

Contxto – Latin American investors rejoice as Adianta becomes the latest Brazilian startup set to receive a hefty investment of around $8 million Brazilian reals (approximately US$2.18 million) from DGF Investimentos.

DGF didn’t invest in Adianta alone during this second round of funding. While the Brazilian firm led the effort, other companies like 42K Investments, Chromo Investments and Capital Labs contributed, as well. Previous Adianta investors such as Yellow Ventures and OsherTech also got involved.

What is Adianta known for?

Adianta allows small and medium-sized businesses to obtain credit to finance their operations and working capital needs. In other words, the São Paulo-based company provides liquidity for companies to operate smoothly. This way, entrepreneurs can worry less about their inventory, receivable and payable turnovers.

They also specialize in modern financial invoice technology. At first glance, invoices may not seem so interesting. Nonetheless, Adianta has figured out how to add XML (Extensible Markup Language) on documents to better execute credit formalization.

As a company with 24-hour availability, Adianta also focuses on receivables, SME loans, general cash flow, MPE, etc. Since its 2016 founding, Adianta has accumulated credit orders of approximately US$30 million.

What does Adianta want to accomplish?

New investments mean new horizons for Adianta. Following suit, the company intends to expand its team of development engineers as well as sales representatives. What’s more, Adianta officials plan to release new services for small or medium-sized ventures.

“What we want is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients, always with the concern of de-bureaucratizing the experience of granting credit,” said Marco Camhahi, Adianta’s CEO. “Gradually, we are bringing fintech innovation to this segment.”


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