Brazilian fintech C6 Bank debuts in-app virtual store Atoms to offer awards to select customers

brazilian fintech c6 bank debuts in-app virtual store atoms to offer awards to select customers
brazilian fintech c6 bank debuts in-app virtual store atoms to offer awards to select customers

Contxto – Rewards await users on C6 Bank’s new in-app virtual store known as Atoms. Available over the application as of last Thursday, Atoms now offers redeemable points to members of the reward program and owners of C6 Bank’s premium Carbon Card. 

The more points you acquire, the most perks will be available, ranging from airline travel to restaurant discounts. 

Atoms app-store

When it comes to exchanging your points for rewards, there is a bounty of options. Some of the products available include airline tickets with 60 partnering companies operating in 1,200 destinations. Users can also transfer points to companies such as LATAM Pass, Smiles and TudoAzul.

According to C6 Bank’s recent Medium post, the minimum amount for the transfer is 1,000 points. Moreover, 1 Carbon point equates to 1 point or mile from a partnering airline program. 

Other perks pertain to smartphones, beverage deals, discounted hotel rated, among others. Points can even be redeemed at C6 Bank partners, whether they be beauty salons or travel agencies. 

Specifically, each dollar spent on C6 Carbon Card translates to 2.5 points on the Atoms platform. This is available for both national and international purchases. Points reportedly don’t expire.

Eventually, these features will be available to every C6 Bank customer, although the fintech hasn’t specified when. Points awarded per transaction still need to be set.

C6 Bank Opp incubator

This past summer, the neo-bank also launched its very own incubator program for early-stage startups. Known as Opp, the program seeks to develop fintech solutions for Brazil’s unbanked population. However, the company is open to any viable business ideas, whether or not they’re fintechs.

“A large part of the population that doesn’t have any type of banking relationship has Internet access via smartphones and therefore could have access to our products and services,” said Thiago Soares, Opp’s head at C6 Bank.

There are approximately 60 million Brazilians lacking banking services. C6 Bank is one of many fintechs competing for the same market segments with other major contenders such as Nubank, Creditas, among others. 


Photo source: C6 Bank Medium.

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