Brazilian In Loco expands into US, bringing marketing insights and IoT with it

Brazilian In Loco Expands Into Us, Bringing Marketing Insights And Iot With It Brazilian In Loco Expands Into Us, Bringing Marketing Insights And Iot With It
brazilian in loco expands into us, bringing marketing insights and iot with it

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Contxto – Since 2017, In Loco, the Brazilian location intelligence and marketing startup had planned its expansion into the United States. And after its wrap of an investment for US$20 million last year, those plans are becoming a reality.

In Loco has begun operations in San Francisco and New York. It’s from these locations that the startup plans to deploy larger-sized sales efforts and expand its business there. And given recent privacy regulations in that country, it’s timing is quite interesting.

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New year, new country?

For the startup’s co-founder, André Ferraz, the move towards the United States was a strategic one with a scale-up in mind. Specifically, it’s a way for In Loco to increase its presence and mark the future of data trends and privacy.

“Entering the United States means being inserted into the world’s main tech market. The first step for any company that wants to be global,” said the entrepreneur. 

Likewise, positioning itself in San Fran is a strategic move. This is so considering there are data-hungry businesses nearby that want to stick to the ethical side of privacy management. Such a solution has been in the works for In Loco since 2017.

Privacy and marketing, like water and oil?

For more than two years now, In Loco has been developing anonymous authentication protocols to be combined with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

In layman’s terms, this meant they wanted to further deploy their location-sensitive software and gathering of background data of smartphone users. But, doing so via encryption protocols to keep the identity of a person private. 

Though these protocols, In Loco looks to bridge the severed relationship between marketing and privacy. A pressing need for businesses wanting to offer personalized experiences and users who are uncomfortable with their phones “spying” on them.

Perfect timing for regulatory reasons?

The startup’s début in California is also noteworthy. This year, the state enacted its privacy law that will keep data-processing companies on their toes for mishandling a resident’s personal information. Consequently, encryption solutions, like what In Loco offers, fit the bill. Brazil too has a pending data privacy regulation set to take effect.

But in the end, the law is just responding to growing consumer awareness of the value business place on data.

Whether users actually care or not who uses their information is a different matter.

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