Maria Teresa Arnal leaves Google Mexico to join Stripe

Maria Teresa Arnal Leaves Google Mexico To Join Stripe Maria Teresa Arnal Leaves Google Mexico To Join Stripe
maria teresa arnal leaves google mexico to join stripe

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Contxto – Goodbye Google, hello Stripe! Venezuelan executive María Teresa “Mariate” Arnal is leaving her role as Managing Director at Google Mexico and will go on to direct fintech Stripe’s operations in Latin America.

According to a press release, Arnal will be joining the Stripe team next March.

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Director wanted

Arnal had led Google’s office in Mexico for almost three years and her exit naturally means the tech giant has a job opening to fill.

In order to find their next executive, Google stated in a press release that anyone who’s interested in applying should stay tuned to its Google Careers page. It’s there that the company will upload the job requirements.

Google also added that the selected executive will be known to the world “soon.”

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Stripe hype

It might strike as odd to some that any person in their right mind would leave a high ranking position at a global company like Google. 

But there’s more at play with Stripe, the startup/unicorn valued at US$35 billion as of September of 2019, than meets the eye.

Last year, the electronic payment giant opened its offices for Latin America in Mexico City. The motives behind the move were linked to rising e-commerce within the region, as well as the flourishing fintechs to be found.

So it appears that Arnal’s background at a multinational like Google, along with her experience leading Twitter in Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico will also help scale Stripe’s presence in this part of the globe.

Insights on “making it”

Some might wonder what it takes to land such roles.

And while education might be a factor, Arnal has also stated it’s important to stay curious, ask questions and explore boundaries. Likewise, she encourages everyone to be flexible and welcome what we cannot change. And despite the “hustle culture” that’s toted here and there, it’s important to find a balance between work and your personal life.

These are valuable tips whether you aspire to found a startup or lead an established company.

Heck, they’re good for everyone.

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