Brex adapts to tough times, but is it only skin deep?

Contxto – It has been an interesting year for Brex. The fintech who had such a troubled year that they have decided to change things but only superficially.

Back in May, the company had received a US$150 million investment, and planned on hiring 400 employees—but this year has turned differently—by June it had laid off 62 people, due to “internal changes” and the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Brex is embracing external changes 

The Brazilian company that is well known for its startup-geared credit card. Brex was founded in 2018 and wanted to provide corporate cards for startups to fulfill their potential. It also wanted to reimagine the financial system by helping companies grow.  

However, Brex also wants to grow and expand services for other businesses, not only startups because, for them to earn money, the customers have to use their cards, which is something that’s taking a hit as many startups are reducing their budgets due to the pandemic.

But for now, they will only be adapting superficially, by giving themselves a makeover with a new logo, website, and image on their physical cards.

So, let’s take a look at their new image.

Keeping it simple.

The biggest changes are the colors, removing the orange line in the X, as well as using the new waving flag logo—that is what the shape is—this new image does give it a more serious “financial” look.

Go along or stay behind

Covid-19 pushed people to work their hardest, making themselves indispensable. Many startups, companies like Rappi and Rever, were able to prosper during the shutdown.

But it is in trying times when we see innovation, disruption, and how companies and people are willing to change to stay afloat, and how they will expand their services to fulfill everyone’s needs.

In the past two decades, the Internet has made it easier to run a business. It provides communication tools, data analytics, marketing software, infrastructure, and every so often, we get to see how new tricks become old ones, and innovators have to stay on their toes, ready to change.


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