Clarke Energia super-charged with US$600,000 investment through Canary

clarke energia super-charged with us$600,000 investment through canary
clarke energia super-charged with us$600,000 investment through canary

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Contxto – Brazilian startup Clarke Energia now has the energy or rather, investment to keep going. It recently raised R$3.2 million (around US$600,000) in a seed round led by Canary Ventures. Other investors include Fundação Estudar Alumni Partners (FEAP), an independent angel investment fund.

The startup will use the funds to evaluate its product-market fit and its go-to-market strategy.

Entrepreneurs founded Clarke Energia quite recently in November of 2019. At the moment it has 25 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) signed up for their product: a system that identifies areas within a business where there are inefficiencies, consequently leading to a steeper electricity bill.

Electricity bills zap resources

For many businesses, electricity bills are often received with a groan. It’s amazing how a simple sheet of paper can take a heavy toll on a company’s bottom line. The most common approach in Latam to this problem is simply “turning everything off.” But even then, it’s not enough and businesses owners may be shocked when the bill arrives.

And they may wish there was some way to reduce that big number. However often they lack the resources to get it done. 

In that sense, Brazilian startup Clarke Energia is swooping in with analytics to help save SMEs some serious money. Its solution can evaluate the electricity fee a business is charged and see if it can be adjusted. The system also analyzes the viability of solar panels to cut costs. 

Once all the data has been crunched away, it can offer businesses tips on how to make their electricity consumption all the more efficient. According to the startup’s website, its app should be available soon.

In any case, the product’s cost may greatly determine whether businesses decide it’s a “nice to have” or a “must have.” Especially with the upcoming economic slowdown.

If you’re in Brazil and don’t like what you see on the electricity bill for your home, here are a few tips:

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