Crediblue Aims for Credit Access via Energy Market Shifts

Enabling smarter credit options through electric market freedom and cost reductions, according to Isabela Franco, the company’s Business Director.
Crediblue Aims For Credit Access Via Energy Market Shifts
Isabela Franco, Business Development Manager, Crediblue

Crediblue focuses on facilitating credit for businesses with energy demands over 500kW, a threshold for traditional free consumers who don’t require representation by a manager to acquire energy in the free market. Retailers consuming less than 500kW rely on a commercial intermediary, but Crediblue’s future plans may include smaller consumers.

Franco highlights the potential in combining financial advice with energy consumption services. Offering access to the free energy market enables smarter credit options for businesses. Companies could see up to a 35% reduction in energy bills by choosing their provider, which in turn improves their financial indicators and eases credit access.

With new legislation allowing all high-voltage consumers to enter the free market, more than 100,000 new consumption units are expected to migrate. This shift introduces competition and choice, freeing consumers from fixed prices set by the energy regulator Aneel. However, challenges include price evaluation, operational costs, and capacity to meet demand, necessitating innovation and infrastructure investments.

Energy sector companies are diversifying energy sources to mitigate risks. A fragmented energy matrix caters to diverse consumer needs. The free market also offers budget predictability, with companies negotiating flexible contracts to enhance financial health.

Since launching its credit access platform in 2020, Crediblue has provided over 400 million reais (US$80 million) in credit. The company aims for a 30% increase in credit provision in 2024 compared to 2023.

Crediblue’s innovative approach positions it at the forefront of Brazil’s fintech sector, leveraging the convergence of financial and energy services to support businesses in a dynamic market environment.

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