Krakow-based edrone Secures €4.6 Million for LatAm Expansion and Team Growth

Lead investors include INventures, Mueller Medien, Atmos, and PortfoLion, following a nearly $7 million ARR and a $30 million valuation.
Krakow-based Edrone Secures €4.6 Million For Latam Expansion And Team Growth
Krakow Based Edrone Secures E46 Million For Latam Expansion And Team Growth

The investment, comprising capital from INventures and debt conversion into shares by other funds, will predominantly support the expansion of edrone’s operations in Brazil, including doubling the company’s workforce in the region. This move follows a year where edrone’s Brazilian revenue saw a significant increase.

Michał Blak, Co-Founder and CEO of edrone, highlighted the investment’s role in facilitating further growth in Brazil, enhancing business processes in Poland, and investing in product development to leverage marketing automation powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Founders Michał Blak and Rahim Blak maintain a 60% shareholding post-investment, ensuring their continued influence over the company’s strategic direction. Katarzyna Dąbrowska, CEO of INventures, praised edrone’s management, product quality, and vision for international expansion as key factors in their decision to invest.

The funding will also enable edrone to expand its team, which already boasts over 150 employees across Krakow and Brazil, with plans to recruit an additional 70 people this year. The company emphasizes the importance of developing its organizational culture and the People and Culture department to inspire employees and respond swiftly to market demands.

Founded in 2016, edrone’s system is utilized by nearly 2000 online stores, primarily in Poland and Brazil. The investment will support ongoing product development and team scaling efforts. Additionally, thirteen angel investors, including Maciej Zawadzinski of PiwikPRO and managing partner at Next New Ventures, have contributed to the funding under the guidance of Robert Ditrych, a seasoned investor and e-commerce entrepreneur.

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