Apply for Visa’s Fintech Innovation Program (2024)

The Visa Innovation Program is a fintech pilot-centered collaboration platform designed to help your company scale and engage with Visa, its clients and partners.
Apply For Visa's Fintech Innovation Program (2024) Apply For Visa's Fintech Innovation Program (2024)
Apply For Visa Fintech Innovation Program 2024

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Visa has launched its Innovation Program, a fintech-focused platform aimed at scaling companies through pilot projects and collaboration with Visa’s extensive network.

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The program targets fintechs ready for market, offering them opportunities for expansion, mentorship, and investor connections. With a successful second edition in Spain and Portugal, the program has facilitated over 120 global connections, promoting next-generation payment solutions and fostering a sustainable, smart future. This initiative is currently active in seven European countries, supporting over 100 pilot projects and commercial agreements among its nearly 100 fintech participants and 200+ commercial partners.

During its recent summit in Madrid, the Visa Innovation Program Europe highlighted the achievements of participating fintechs, marking the launch of its third edition.

The program aims to boost innovation by providing fintechs with access to Visa’s global network, enhancing knowledge exchange, and commercializing cutting-edge payment solutions.

With 111 applications received in its second edition, only eight were selected for their scalable business models and growth ambition, underlining the competitive nature of the fintech ecosystem.

Visa’s commitment to the fintech sector is evident as it seeks to integrate fintech solutions into traditional banking, addressing challenges such as regulation, data protection, and security.

The program supports fintechs in overcoming financing hurdles and scaling up, emphasizing the importance of collaboration within the ecosystem.

Visa continues to foster innovation by connecting fintechs with financial institutions and other sectors, enhancing the global payments landscape through technologies like Visa Direct and Tap to Phone, and contributing to the digital transformation of traditional banking in Spain.

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