Contxto – One step closer to modernizing Brazil’s human resources industry, Matchbox Brazil just raised BRL$1 million (approximately US$250 thousand) from Superjobs Ventures and other funds.

In Summary

Following this, the tech startup prepares to launch its new Spark platform to assist partners in hiring the right employees.

Superjobs Ventures supports other similar startups in the human resources sector, such as Trainees Online and The caliber of Matchbox Brazil’s solutions, however, is what caught the group’s attention.

“Out of more than 800 startups we have analyzed, we have identified in Matchbox a unique growth potential with a very mature vision for HR challenges,” said Andre Martins, co-founder of SuperJobs.

Past angel investors from Matchbox’s October 2017 round complemented the series.


Coinciding with the investment is Matchbox’s recent announcement of Spark. The newest “Recruitment Marketing” platform uses social media to probe candidates before they apply for a position.

This way, the Brazilian startup aids partnering HR departments to efficiently map and track talent via increased engagement.

Matchbox joins other startups bringing disruptive “HRTech” that is transforming how organizations attract and hire gifted professionals from the market. To achieve this, the company works hard to foster connections between qualified applicants and employers with technology, gamification, and automation.

In 2018, Matchbox raised BRL$2.7 million and worked with clients such as Avon, Kraft Heinz, Honda, Red Bull, among others. All the while, there remains untapped potential in the startup’s country of origin.

“Since the creation of Matchbox, we have noticed that this was a niche that had not yet been explored in Brazil,” said Kleber Piedade, CEO of Matchbox Brazil.

We understand that to really impact the outcome of talent acquisition it is ideal to look at the talent journey as a whole and not just for recruitment and selection.

“By paralleling the marketing arena, you have to treat your candidate as a consumer and begin the relationship well before he or she makes a purchase.”

Other Latin American startups like Rakel as well as Quantum Talent are also digitizing human resources. Whether or not this becomes a saturated market, at least we’re seeing some interesting developments among diverse players.

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