– Nubank set to enter the mobile telephony sector with its own MVNO, using Claro’s network.

  • Anatel has approved the partnership, allowing Nubank to operate without exclusive constraints.
  • This strategic move diversifies Nubank’s services, potentially enhancing customer engagement.

    Nubank is venturing into new territory, announcing its upcoming mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service, utilizing Claro’s network infrastructure. This development follows the Anatel’s approval of a contract between Nubank’s subsidiary, Nucommerce Ltda., and Claro, marking a significant step into the telecommunications sector for the digital bank.

    While Nubank’s MVNO initiative, approved by Anatel since January 2024, is a fresh endeavor, it strategically aligns with its broader ambitions to provide more comprehensive services to its customers. Guilherme Marques do Lago, CFO of Nubank, is directly involved, highlighting the initiative’s importance to Nubank’s expansion strategy. Nucommerce, identified as an active branch of Nubank, underscores the integration of this new venture within Nubank’s operational framework.

    The approved documentation, reported by Tecnoblog highlights that Nubank is not confined to an exclusive deal with Claro, allowing flexibility in its future telecommunications partnerships. This is significant as Claro is not typically a major player in the MVNO market, which is dominated by other providers like TIM via Surf Telecom, serving a diverse array of businesses including Correios Celular and Uber Chip.

    This places Nubank among other financial institutions like Banco Inter, which also operates its mobile network, Inter Cel, through Vivo.

    Such expansions by banks into mobile services underline a growing trend of blending financial services with telecom offerings to enhance customer value propositions through integrated services and incentives such as cashbacks and exclusive deals.