– Integrity Corporación Financiera S.A. to focus on tailored financial products for Colombian businesses

  • Company aims to introduce digital financial solutions and improve credit access for SMEs
  • Integrity backed by diverse group of founding partners, including Int3grity Labs and Integrity USA

    The Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC) has granted official authorization for the establishment of Integrity Corporación Financiera S.A., a company specializing in financial solutions for businesses. Under resolution 503 of 2024, the new entity is set to enter the market, focusing on financial products tailored to the needs of various sectors within the Colombian economy.

    With a subscribed capital of 60 billion pesos and a commitment to building long-term client relationships, Integrity aims to position itself as a key player in introducing digital financial solutions. The company will also address interest rate fluctuations and facilitate credit access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have historically faced challenges in obtaining adequate financing.

    Integrity sees its entry into the market as an opportunity to drive business growth and innovation, considering the nearly one million Colombian companies with unmet credit needs. By implementing technology and developing financial products, the company seeks to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency in corporate financial management, benefiting not only its direct clients but also promoting greater business banking in the country.

    Integrity Corporación Financiera S.A. will be supported by a diverse group of founding partners, led by Int3grity Labs LLC and Integrity USA LLC, along with Colombian investors and professionals. The company’s landing in the national market was anticipated by Primera Página on November 27th.