– New features include zero-cost transactions and contactless payments for minors over 12.

  • The platform now supports payments for over 245 public utilities and 21,701 private agreements.

    Grupo Aval’s digital wallet, Dale!, is strategically expanding its offerings to reach a target of 4 million users by the end of the year, as revealed by CEO José Manuel Ayerbe to Forbes. One key initiative is allowing minors, starting at 12 years old, to open accounts with parental authorization, enabling them to send, receive money, and make debit card purchases at no cost.

    In addition to targeting younger users, Dale! has introduced contactless payment capabilities across businesses equipped with the necessary technology. This move facilitates cardless transactions via mobile devices, bolstering the digital wallet’s usability and accessibility. The platform also boasts the integration of a vast array of payment services, accommodating 245 public utilities and 21,701 private agreements directly through its app.

    Ayerbe emphasized the wallet’s commitment to inclusivity in the financial system, supporting government initiatives to enhance the popular economy. The upcoming plans include extending services to foreigners residing in Colombia and potentially integrating international money transfers and remittances.

    Dale! maintains a focus on adapting to market needs, with dedicated product teams assessing and responding to the demands of financial services and payment solutions. Dale! distinguishes itself from competitors by offering exclusive benefits from Grupo Aval, such as fee-free transfers, loyalty rewards through Tuplús, and access to Aval Experiences like concert pre-sales. Ayerbe highlights the wallet’s reliability, constant availability, and 24/7 customer support as its competitive advantages in the growing digital wallet market.