• With a new banking license, the company aims to facilitate remittance transactions, enhancing financial inclusion.
  • The fintech giant eyes further expansion in Latin America, leveraging its European service model.

Revolut, the London-based fintech powerhouse, is setting its sights on Mexico with a significant investment aimed at tapping into the country’s lucrative remittance flows. Juan Miguel Guerra, Revolut’s Mexico CEO, announced plans to invest over $100 million in 2024 primarily for hiring and maintaining sufficient operational liquidity. This strategic move follows the recent acquisition of a banking license in Mexico, a crucial step in Revolut’s broader Latin American expansion strategy.

The company has seen rapid global growth, boasting 40 million clients since its 2015 launch. In Mexico, where remittances reached a record $63.3 billion last year, mostly from the U.S., Revolut sees a substantial opportunity. The firm aims to streamline cross-border payments and introduce a suite of financial products similar to those it offers in Europe, which could significantly enhance service convenience for millions.

Guerra also highlighted the potential for expansion beyond Mexico and Brazil, targeting other regions in Latin America where banking licenses are accessible with minimal resources. However, he acknowledged the challenges of managing remittance flows, particularly the risks associated with illicit funds from organized crime. Revolut is committed to implementing robust safeguards to monitor transactions and ensure the integrity of its financial operations in these high-stakes markets.