Contxto – Business optimization platform Pipefy recently raised a whopping US$45 million Series B lead by Insight Partners. Other investors included Openview and Trinity Ventures, both of which helped the enterprise raise a US$16 million Series A in 2018 among other funds.

In Summary 

Pipefy improves “pipeline management” for businesses via Lean methodologies, similar to Trello and Pipedrive. Total funds raised now stand at US$65 million. The newest capital will go towards investing in new products as well as scaling the company’s primary market operations. 

Originally, Alessio Alionço,  Leandro Johann, Magnus Arantes and Raphael Costa founded Pipefy in Brazil in 2015. Since then, they have relocated the headquarters to San Francisco, California while managing offices in Curitiba, Brazil and Austin, Texas. 

“Our vision is to empower every do-er in an organization to create and execute their own custom workflows,” said Alionço. “We are excited to bring the benefits of Lean Management to managers in every business — without needing technical skills or lean training.”


Users from various industries use Pipefy’s code-free solution to optimize workflow processes. Many come from human resources, sales, marketing, help desk services, among others.

Over the platform, managers and team members alike can input operating procedures to automate multi-step processes. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates to choose from in addition to customizable features. 

Companies in more than 150 countries depend on Pipefy’s services to also measure productivity with its metric trackers. Clients include Santander, Accenture, IBM, TEDx, Telefonica, among others. The startup is reportedly growing 300 percent annually in its range of segments, including small businesses, startups, as well as large corporations. 

“Today, Pipefy is revolutionizing workflow management while creating the operating system of tomorrow for growing enterprises,” said Karan Mehandru, a general partner from Trinity Ventures and Pipefy board member.

“The technology is built with a product-first approach and has been adopted by end-users who just want to make things work. Agile and Lean have already disrupted the product development space; Pipefy brings this capability to entire enterprises, enabling organizational transformations using Lean management concepts.”

Free plans exist with Pipefy but the cheapest rate starts at US$9 per user per month. With this, subscribers can unlock reports, filter data, use chat support, plus other features. For US$18 a month per user with the Business subscription, there are more administrative controls, field conditionals, data recovery, API access, and private pipes. 

Besides personal and business accounts, the third level is Enterprise. This tier offers two-factor authentication, custom email domain, Google Apps authentication, scaled database records, and more.  

Benefits over Pipefy’s platform range from error mitigation, improved service-level agreements, comprehensible protocols, higher traceability, reduced operational costs, among others.